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January 2021

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Nancy E. Miller Acrylic Artist I find peace and joy in the painting process as the canvas slowly comes alive.  My hope is that the viewer of my work will feel an emotion, whether of happiness, remembrance or peace. Mainly an acrylic artist, I also paint in pastel and dabble in watercolor and ink, both in studio and en plein air as weather and temperatures permit.

Sandra Eliot Paintings, Sculpture, mixed media Drawing and painting has always been a major part of my life. This creative process is a direct response to the observed as well as an expression of poetic vision (which allows interpretation or abstraction of things seen). Working in a series is most effective, as it focuses me on certain imagery or a concept or medium

Cindy Roesinger Contemporary Oil Paintings “When we moved to Bucks County 20 years ago, I was so captivated by our surroundings and the way the Pennsylvania Impressionists captured it, that I had to give painting a try myself.  In 1986 I earned a BFA in photography and went on to work as a photo editor in NYC.  I am however, self-taught in oil painting and

Jeanne S. Chesterton Original Still Life Paintings in the Realist Tradition Extraordinary paintings of ordinary objects are intoxicating to me.  They motivate me to paint still life subjects in the realist tradition.  My subjects of choice are often common, everyday objects which show the beauty marks of age and wear.  The patinas of tarnished metals and discolored enamelware, worn surfaces and damaged edges invite me