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… to foster, strengthen, and promote Bucks County’s diverse arts and cultural community …



The mission of the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County is to foster, strengthen, and promote Bucks County’s diverse arts and cultural community, build arts alliances, and enhance the Bucks County arts experience. The Council’s work is rooted in the continuation of Bucks County arts traditions, the enrichment of arts appreciation, continually inspiring a vibrant and collaborative environment for contemporary arts, artists, and art enthusiasts alike.


Called the Bucks County Council on the Arts when it was established in 1973, the organization originally hosted exhibitions and programs, published a bimonthly newsletter, and established extensive archival holdings representing over 1,500 Bucks County artists. In 1985, the Council on the Arts joined forces with the Bucks County Commissioners to convert the Bucks County Prison into an art museum. Their dream was to preserve a historic landmark while providing future generations with a place to look, learn, and celebrate their artistic legacy. These collaborative efforts led to the establishment of the James A. Michener Art Museum in Doylestown.

With that great success as a backdrop, a steering committee was formed in the early 2000’s to re-establish The Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County. Guided by founder Katharine Steele Renninger, this group of concerned citizens, philanthropists, and government officials helped to lead the next stage of development and forged alliances with arts and cultural organizations throughout the county.

Vision 2020

As the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County grew membership and garnered attention across the community, it looked to serve the members in a more meaningful way by having a place to call home. In early 2020, the A&C initiated an Alliance with Freeman Hall at Salem, on East Court Street in Doylestown. This Alliance establishes a valuable partnership rooted in the arts, positions both organizations for increased revenue and future growth, reinforces shared values, and builds strong recognition for a unified commitment to arts and culture throughout the region.

A&C programs at Freeman Hall will further engage artist members and the Bucks County community in educational initiatives, provide venues for meaningful arts and advocacy dialogue, and strengthen local and regional arts awareness through exhibition and sale opportunities, events, performances, workshops, and forums. The Council will continue its work with businesses, cultural organizations, and area artists to promote the arts, unite the mission and vision in a meaningful way, and truly inspire and impact the arts in Bucks County.

Sun, Alix Stoll

Passing By on Brook Road, Jane Ramsey

Snowy, Foggy Dawn, Donna D. Lovely

The Little Donkey, Deb Hoeffner

Spalted Maple Hollow Form, Bernard Hohlfeld