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October 2021
  -  2021

Paula Focazio Unique Ceramics & Henna Artwork Paula Focazio is a Bucks County artist best known for her colorful ceramics and henna body art. Her current body of work fuses her two favorite mediums into what she calls “hennapottery”. She lives in Upper Black Eddy, Pennsylvania with her husband, 3 children, and a menagerie of pets. Her goal is to spread joy through artwork. Website EMAIL ME

Catherine D. Kerr Photography My first published photographs were taken to illustrate my work as a newspaper reporter and freelance writer. Later, as I followed a career path that led to ordained ministry in the Episcopal Church, photography became a form of spiritual discipline through which I seek to notice the presence that lies shimmering beneath every surface. I’m especially interested in the way light

Sheila Fernekes Contemporary Art Jewelry "The ancient art of bead weaving is spiritual and invigorating. One by one, each bead is interconnected, spanning time and space. The beads sing, and I listen to their harmonies. Rhythms pulse. The pulse becomes a heartbeat and the beads spring to life. Together, we push boundaries, explore new horizons and dance." Sheila Fernekes Sheila Fernekes creates contemporary art jewelry using

Lisa Domenic Fine Artist I believe ART IS GOOD medicine.  I used to work as a nurse - but my whole life changed when I became a patient myself. "We plan - and God steps in with another plan for us and He is all - wise and the most loving friend  we always have helping us."   -Nettie Fowler McCormick    Painting helps me achieve a balanced life I love