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Susan Roberts My name is Susan Roberts. I live in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania, an area rich with art and history.  Painting allows me to express myself. It gives me joy, it keeps me grounded and gives me a chance to forget about life's daily stresses. It is my hope that when someone views my paintings they can experience a bit of the same joy.  I

Florence Moonan Fine Artist I am a visual artist who lives and maintains a studio in Hunterdon County, New Jersey. I am not timid when painting intuitive abstractions. I follow my heart, listen to my instincts and let the work flow, whether I am developing an interesting texture, experimenting with a new color or taking advantage of the unexpected. I allow the paintings to reveal

Anita Nolan Oil Painter I have long been enamored with the beauty of Bucks County, where I’ve lived for years, and New Hope Impressionists such as Edward Redfield and Fern Coppedge. I’ve been painting less than three years, but aspire to grow as an impressionist with time. I remember the “old” Bucks County and surrounds, and hope to preserve as much of it on canvas

Mandy Martin Painter I spent my early childhood in the open spaces of the Illinois prairie, and when my parents relocated to Bucks County, I was amazed by the rolling hills and dense woodlands of my new home. The wildflowers and rich landscape of the region still inspire me and inform my paintings. I am also a beach lover and often escape in the winter to

Laura Brady Acrylic Artist ARTIST STATEMENT:I see the world in dynamic, vivid color, where sound is transformed into shape and emotion is released in the movement of a paint brush. Through my exploration of nature, I seek to host a new perspective. Approaching each piece with a mix of impressionism & realism, which carries a boldness yet softness, a parallel understanding that

Gun-Marie Nalsen Fiber Artist My primary areas of interest are: work with colors in my studio, be with the family, chase art around town. About Me: I was born in Sweden and grew up in Venezuela. I learned to weave in Sweden in the early 80's, and went back to Venezuela and taught weaving and tapestry to children. I also taught in an Art School in

Reed Mitchell Photography Growing up in Bucks County, PA, my interest in photography began as a child in Doylestown. Capturing images of the world around me, I discovered there were ways to be creative and playful with photography, rather than to just use the medium as a method of documentation. Now a passion more than a mere interest, I am determined to create and share

Marlene Book Fine Artist The artist was born and raised in Reading, PA and now resides in Spring Township, Berks County, PA.She does not have a formal education in art. However, over the years has taken instruction from various teachers. Paul Flickinger has been her mentor and instructor for the past 10 years. Proficient in portraits, floral still life and landscapes her medium of choice

Cynthia Scott, BFA, M.Ed Fine Artist (Collage) I have always been a creative person, and as a child I loved to collect things. Collages are the perfect medium for me to showcase my collections. Growing up I was surrounded by artistic people and continually was engaged in art lessons. Later, I studied at Tyler School of Art earning a BFA, which led me to a career

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