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Sandra Eliot Paintings, Sculpture, mixed media Drawing and painting has always been a major part of my life. This creative process is a direct response to the observed as well as an expression of poetic vision (which allows interpretation or abstraction of things seen). Working in a series is most effective, as it focuses me on certain imagery or a concept or medium

Cindy Roesinger Contemporary Oil Paintings “When we moved to Bucks County 20 years ago, I was so captivated by our surroundings and the way the Pennsylvania Impressionists captured it, that I had to give painting a try myself.  In 1986 I earned a BFA in photography and went on to work as a photo editor in NYC.  I am however, self-taught in oil painting and

Andrea "Dre" Grigoropol Artist and Illustrator Andrea “Dre” Grigoropol is an artist, illustrator, cartoonist, and multimedia artist. She is a first-generation American who was born in Philadelphia. She always loved painting and she graduated from Moore College of Art and Design with a BFA in Fine Arts and minor in Illustration. Dre is a spirited artist who is a member of various artist groups and

Jeanne S. Chesterton Original Still Life Paintings in the Realist Tradition Extraordinary paintings of ordinary objects are intoxicating to me.  They motivate me to paint still life subjects in the realist tradition.  My subjects of choice are often common, everyday objects which show the beauty marks of age and wear.  The patinas of tarnished metals and discolored enamelware, worn surfaces and damaged edges invite me

Susan Kirkeby Kahn Fine Artist The beauty of Bucks County brought Susan and her family to the area over 40 years ago. Born and raised in New Jersey, Susan showed creative talent from an early age and attended art classes as a teenager. With an interest in sewing and fashion design, she attended the Miami International University of Art and Design, focusing on fashion illustration and clothing

Renee Pelletier Egan Oil Painter Renee Pelletier Egan is an award winning artist and a founding member of the Artists of Yardley ,as well as a member of A&C , The New Hope Art League, The Arts Council of Princeton, and Artsbridge. Renee has recently retired from the New Jersey public school system where she taught art to Middle School and High School students

Aida Birritteri Watermedia Works on Paper After moving to Hunterdon County, NJ, in 1997 and raising a family, I began to paint watercolor landscapes en plein air in Bucks County, PA,  and Hunterdon County, NJ in the year 2012. Plein air watercolor was the foundation for my works on paper, but today I draw and paint mostly indoors from my studio space. From 1982 to 1985,

Chee Bravo Multi Media Artist/Printmaker She creates portraits of people in manipulated environments by using a combination of photography and computer manipulation which are then recreated on canvas or paper through mixed media, painting or silk-screening. Her journey began with capturing the essence of the New York subway’s unique subterranean environment through silk-screening. She creates an illusion of intimate familiarity by splicing random performers together.

Cindy Fatsis Photographer I consider myself an environmental photographer. My work is primarily portraiture. I'm interested in the evocative connection between person and place. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I've become aware of a powerful merging of human desire and the natural world. INSTAGRAM EMAIL ME

Rodney Miller Bio As a Fine Art Photographer/Digital Abstract Artist my interest is not what the camera sees but rather what I what to see through the lens. The camera and the computer are tools I use to create my images. I approach a landscape, a nature shot, an architectural shot thinking how to see and show this differently. My abstract images stem from my

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