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Adrienne Bodisch Artist I live for the moment when the art is finished -when that one last highlight makes the art look like the thing. As a kid, drawing along with Mark Kistler, I loved adding the curved action lines that turned a shark into a shark on a mission. As a teenager, I loved remembering to leave a tiny bit of paper white to

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Arts Service & Advocacy Organization  We believe Greater Philadelphia is defined by its arts and culture sector. Our cultural organizations, artists and proud history of creative expression are a crucial part of our identity, vitality and economic growth. Since 1972, the Cultural Alliance has been dedicated to elevating the vibrancy of arts and culture in the region through advocacy, audience engagement,

Kimberly Bensing Art Director & Creative InfluencerStationery & Floral Design When my event design clients began asking about specialty florals to accompany their custom stationery, I did some research on the American floral industry and discovered some interesting things.  I found local flower farms that were growing remarkable flowers and that lead me to begin the process of bringing my designs and the art of

Spriha Gupta Mixed Media and Acrylics Spriha is a narrative mixed media artist bringing organic forms and textures into her body of work. She uses iconic symbolism to exemplify concepts close to her heart that are influenced by personal, societal and environmental changes. Strongly influenced by her Indian cultural roots she is fearless in her use of colors and weaves them into her creations. She

April Silverman Fine Artist Painting provides peace of mind, an escape from the world.  I usually paint from a photo —mine or someone else’s—that inspires me, grips my imagination. I prefer painting land- and seascapes, animals, and still life in oil or watercolor. I studied art at Syracuse University for a BFA. in fabric design, married, and raised a family.  I went to Drew University Graduate School

Mona Madl Fine Artist Mona Madl, was born 1996 in a little Town in Salzburg, Austria. Growing up in a Country which is very influenced by Art and History, Mona soon began to get inspired by different styles of Art. As a daughter of a pastry chef, the creativeness was included in everyday life e.g. in sugarart or Cocoa-Art. Traditional Art with Charcoal and pencil, mixed

Denise Jill Marshall Mixed media, Photographic weaving, Photography My journey into photographic weavings began in November 2020 while I was taking an abstract photography class. In my critique notebook the one theme that kept coming up was how my work was very linear. Studying my printed images, I saw them from different perspectives. I took out a pair of scissors and while it took me

Mary Manahan Artist Mary Manahan has been painting for 14 years.  She prefers to paint en Plein air - landscapes, people and everyday life.  She has been a mother, promotional writer, quilt artist, massage therapist, yoga teacher and enjoys playing Irish Traditional Music on the whistle. Website EMAIL ME

Judy LaTorre Artworks Fine Artist I create paintings that radiate warmth using the transparent nature of watercolor.  Because of the fine detail rendered in each scene coupled with the changing effects of sunlight, my work has been described as a combination of realism and impressionism. Bucks County gave me the opportunity to preserve our place in its rich history. If my work conveys a

Angela Pannone Fine Artist I am a Bucks County watercolor artist but on occasion I also work in pastel, acrylic, ink, and gouache. My journey with art has been present from the very earliest years of my life.  It is an unexplained call and also a gift of serenity and healing. My desire is that my art entertains in its own way, heals whoever sees