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Bill Donnelly, Criss-Crossed Cattails, 27.5” x 35.5”, wax crayon on paper

Bill Donnelly

Fine Artist

Bill Donnelly is a suburban Trenton, NJ native currently living in Southampton, Pennsylvania. His work focuses on images taken from the natural environment, with an emphasis on fundamental drawing principles and a strong connection to his experience as a graphic designer. Bill photographs his subject, which might result from an active search for inspiration as much as happening upon shapes or colors that attract his attention. The photograph is displayed on a monitor and serves as reference for an original drawing created inside his studio. By focusing closely on a very small area, he creates a landscape that offers a unique way of experiencing what might be considered an ordinary subject and turns it into something extraordinary. Bill uses wax crayon on paper as his medium, and his technique of incorporating multiple layers of color applied with randomly shaped strokes creates a rich, textural effect.

To view more of Bill’s work, please visit billdonnellyart.org or follow on Instagram @billdonnellyartist.