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April 2024

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Hernan Faraci Visual Artist Bio:Hernan Diego Faraci was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and has lived in New Jersey since the age of 6. He studied illustration at Fashion Institute of Technology, NYC and Ringling in Sarasota, Fl. Started periodically painting with oil in 2015 after learning the Venetian method through Christian Rex van Minnen during a week long class at the Anderson Ranch in

Works An-Occasional-SmileDownload Tears-of-BaltimoreDownload My-SisterDownload Mark Safran Writer / Visual Artist Bio:I don’t think of myself really as an artist, but more of an art supporter.  I dabble in poetry though I like to think of it more as lyrics to songs just waiting for some music.  I have been writing since my teenage years but am usually driven to write only when I am deeply moved by an emotion

Elise Dodeles Visual Artist Elise Dodeles began her professional artistic career in the seminal group exhibit Part Fantasy at Nicola Tyson’s project space in New York. Dodeles has been a National Artist member of the A.I.R. Gallery in Brooklyn, NY. She received a 2013 Artist’s Fellowship from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts for her series of paintings of Olympic Club boxers and

Nanci Hellmuth Photographer    My approach to photography is based in the belief that everything is energy and all things in the natural world are connected though the invisible threads that integrate us.   At its core, my photography is a form of self-expression that helps me to better understand myself and my interpretation of the world around me.    My choice of subject matter comes from