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photograph by Mark Safran titled Michener

Mark Safran

Writer / Visual Artist

I don’t think of myself really as an artist, but more of an art supporter.  I dabble in poetry though I like to think of it more as lyrics to songs just waiting for some music.  I have been writing since my teenage years but am usually driven to write only when I am deeply moved by an emotion or experience.  I also am learning how to use my hobby drone to take videos and imagery from above.  I love providing people with a new perspective and to also try and frame the aerial imagery with an artistic eye. You can find some of my attempts on Instagram: @mappy_mark

I spend my working hours as a geospatial professional helping our country remain safer by mapping the contours of the land and creating spatial databases for a myriad of applications such as flood modeling, coastal bathymetric mapping, and mapping for national security.  When I am not working, I love to ride my bicycle through the rolling hills of Bucks County and to travel.