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Jeanne S. Chesterton

Original Still Life Paintings in the Realist Tradition

Extraordinary paintings of ordinary objects are intoxicating to me.  They motivate me to paint still life subjects in the realist tradition.  My subjects of choice are often common, everyday objects which show the beauty marks of age and wear.  The patinas of tarnished metals and discolored enamelware, worn surfaces and damaged edges invite me to explore the depths and nuances of their lights and shadows.  Hopefully the aesthetic of the arrangement, based on light, color, line and shape, creates an enduring dynamic.

As I reflect upon the many artists whose work I admire, I believe my vision has been informed  by the works of Jean -Simeon Chardin, Jura Bedic, Ken Davies, and William Bailey, whose paintings reflect the purity of simple still life subjects.  I remain grateful to artist James Feehan under whose guidance I developed my style .  As a docent for over 17 years at the James A. Michener Museum in Doylestown, PA, I have had the opportunity to increase my knowledge and enrich my art experience.

An award winning artist, I have exhibited in over 200 shows, including  Phillips Mill, The Philadelphia Sketch Club and The Ellarslie Open at the Trenton City Museum.  My work can be found in the permanent collection of the Trenton City Museum, Doylestown Hospital and many private collections.