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April: 30 Days of Inspiration, 2023

Poets and artists are invited to share original work with the community through a poem-a-day matched with an artwork-a-day for every day in April, in celebration of National Poetry Month and hosted by the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County.

Submissions will be accepted January 15-January 31, 2023

April: 30 Days of Inspiration seeks poems and art that explore what strengthens, connects, revives or calms—from small, seemingly ordinary moments to dramatic occasions, broad landscapes, and abstractions. A different poem matched with a different artwork will be featured on ACCBC social media each day of April, 2023. Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County will curate the exhibition.
A pairing from April 2022
Day 5: 30 DAYS OF INSPIRATION: Cathleen Cohen, “Sun-Touch Plus,” previously published in Sparks and Disperses (Cornerstone Press, 2021) and Stefanie Silverman, “Bright Sunrise,” Pastel on paper