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June 2021
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Ewa Zeller Fine Artist Ewa - artist with old European background - is an award winning oil painter (but also pastel, watercolor) and paints natural subjects in a combination of representative style: interiors, still life, figure , portrait, landscape. "My work is based on experiencing something visually and then translating it  through painting to the world perceived with all senses. I expect a painting to have a

Coming 11/19/2021 Coming 11/19/21 Preorder Now David R. Roth Writer David spent over thirty years primarily engaged in corporate communications, writing, directing, and/or producing multimedia educational, training or marketing programs. He quit his job in 2014 to focus on his lifelong dream of becoming a writer of fiction. In 2015 he gained admission to Cedar Crest College’s Pan-European MFA program, which included residencies in Vienna, Dublin and

Megan Lawlor Fine Artist Megan grew up in the seaside community of Manasquan, NJ. Enrolled by her father at a young age in her first formal painting class with renowned landscape artist, Ted Goerschner, N.A., Ted emphasized the need to paint from life and that "an artist must know how to draw, or their painting will not be believable." Megan received a classical art education at

Linda Kreckel Watercolor and Mixed Media Artist I’m a watercolor enthusiast who’s always searching for the best way to express the beauty and mood of my surroundings. The softness of a grassy field, the sparkle of rippling water, the pale spring green against tree lines all inspires first hand connections to the scene in front of my eyes. Sketching and planning to simplify the shapes and