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Adriana Groza

Visual Artist

Adriana Groza is a visual artist, born and raised in Transylvania, Romania, currently a Mercer county resident, living and working in Hamilton, NJ since 2007.

She has been working in her fluid acrylics since late 2017, focusing on abstract paintings done on gallery-wrapped canvas. She has progressed through a long period of self-assessment and self-guided learning since 2009 when she first picked up a few paints and canvases, expanding her understanding of drawing, landscape, and abstract painting styles, seeking out mentors like Janet Purcell, Ritch Gaiti, Mona Ciciovan.  Her work progressed haltingly, with interruptions to raise children and manage other life events. It all culminated during a several month period of distress and physical illness in 2018, that guided her towards introspection, from which she emerged with the understanding that she had found her style and life’s purpose in creating fluid acrylics abstracts, to express herself and bring beauty, hope and healing to others.

Since mid-2019 Groza has publicly shown her work in art galleries (Princeton Arts Council, Artworks, Trenton, West Windsor Arts Council, Inspire Art Gallery, Straube Center, Pennington NJ), and in other non-conventional venues; She also performed live painting and currently offers a carefully designed Fluid Art Experience- An ALL Inclusive art workshop. Many of her artworks have been acquired by public and private collectors across the US and Romania. Most recently artworks were purchased by the State of New Jersey as part of their new buildings’ permanent collections (Department of Health and Taxation, respectively), following a rigorous two-part process of jurying. She has received several reviews in the local and Romanian press, describing her work as “innovative”, “wild and free”, or “the colors vary from explosive and vibrant to quietly smoldering” (Janet Purcell) https://www.adrianagroza.art/blog/