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June 2020
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"Artist-Tree": 23 Piece Polyptych, Plaster and Found Objects, 73 in x 104 in "Dial 911": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 24 in x 24 in "Holy Mackerel": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 25 in x 25 in "Watson, Come Quick!": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster & Found Ojbects, 8.5" x 46" "Pedal to the Metal": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster & Found Objects, 8.5" x 46" "Oracle": Original Plaster Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 20 in x 19 in Brink of

Armor Keller Abstract Art “Keller’s paintings allude to the ongoing dynamics of life itself: struggle, tension, resolution, growth, unity and transformation.” Keller’s prize-winning abstract paintings are influenced by a background in Asian art. Her fluid, ethereal, and meditative paintings are usually based on landscapes, seascapes, and outer space. She juxtaposes opposing elements: soft and hard materials; muted, intense and metallic colors; transparent and opaque, spontaneous and

Videos https://youtu.be/1ynGI0RxLC0 https://youtu.be/kC4KdE4j-HY https://youtu.be/qhqxJuTrMHM Timothy Stanford Fine Artist,Perceiving Light “Art does not exist without an artist.  An intelligent mind uses specific means to bring an idea to life on canvas, paper, or a piece of wood.  In light of that fact, I believe that everything in the natural world was created by an intelligent and artistic Designer and I seek to showcase the wisdom and beauty of that Great

Jeny Brill I am a painter and mixed media artist who has a passion for color, light and shadow. Having grown up on Cape Cod, back in the 70's, I spent most of my time in nature. I explored paths through the cranberry bog in my back yard. The Beach was my second home. What I drew in from these experiences was a passion for

Michael Ressler Impressionist Landscape Painter- a visual escape to enjoying nature Michael Ressler is a Montgomery County artist that paints impressionistic landscapes in oil and acrylic using both brush and painting knife working with a limited palette of 6 colors.  In his paintings Michael attempts to portray the beauty of our common, overlooked surroundings. He strives to create a visual escape, capturing a moment of

Christi Hetrick Fine Artist Creating art brings me such joy, especially when I paint outdoors. In that moment, it’s just me; God’s beautiful creation; and my paintbrush ready to capture whatever catches my eye. One of the best aspects about being an artist is how it changes the way I view nature, people, and even ordinary objects. Things like hay bales glowing in the afternoon