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June 2020
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"Artist-Tree": 23 Piece Polyptych, Plaster and Found Objects, 73 in x 104 in "Dial 911": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 24 in x 24 in "Holy Mackerel": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 25 in x 25 in "Watson, Come Quick!": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster & Found Ojbects, 8.5" x 46" "Pedal to the Metal": Original Storm Drain Casting, Plaster & Found Objects, 8.5" x 46" "Oracle": Original Plaster Casting, Plaster and Found Objects, 20 in x 19 in Brink of

Armor Keller Abstract Art “Keller’s paintings allude to the ongoing dynamics of life itself: struggle, tension, resolution, growth, unity and transformation.” Keller’s prize-winning abstract paintings are influenced by a background in Asian art. Her fluid, ethereal, and meditative paintings are usually based on landscapes, seascapes, and outer space. She juxtaposes opposing elements: soft and hard materials; muted, intense and metallic colors; transparent and opaque, spontaneous and

Videos https://youtu.be/1ynGI0RxLC0 https://youtu.be/kC4KdE4j-HY https://youtu.be/qhqxJuTrMHM Timothy Stanford Fine Artist,Perceiving Light “Art does not exist without an artist.  An intelligent mind uses specific means to bring an idea to life on canvas, paper, or a piece of wood.  In light of that fact, I believe that everything in the natural world was created by an intelligent and artistic Designer and I seek to showcase the wisdom and beauty of that Great

Michael Ressler Impressionist Landscape Painter- a visual escape to enjoying nature Michael Ressler is a Montgomery County artist that paints impressionistic landscapes in oil and acrylic using both brush and painting knife working with a limited palette of 6 colors.  In his paintings Michael attempts to portray the beauty of our common, overlooked surroundings. He strives to create a visual escape, capturing a moment of

Christi Hetrick Fine Artist Creating art brings me such joy, especially when I paint outdoors. In that moment, it’s just me; God’s beautiful creation; and my paintbrush ready to capture whatever catches my eye. One of the best aspects about being an artist is how it changes the way I view nature, people, and even ordinary objects. Things like hay bales glowing in the afternoon

Sandy Askey-Adams, PSA, MPS "Impressions of Nature" Sandy holds Signature Membership in the Pastel Society of America, as well as the Maryland Pastel Society.  Her work has also been published in art magazines and art books.  Art has been her passion though out her entire life.  "I love to take walks with nature.  Through my art, you are invited along on those walks to emotionally feel

Carol Perlowski Fine Artist I can't really remember when I didn’t want to paint. I try to look at everything not as objects, but as shapes, darks and lights, and colors. I know it really isn't magic but almost seems like it when a person can take a stark white canvas and by pushing some paint around create a painting. It's just so much fun

A Little Night Music (18 x 24) a/c At Last, Spring! (24 x 36) a/c Coral Reef (36 x 48) a/c Cyclops (12 x 12) a/c Fascinatin' Rhythm (24 x 20) a/c Firebird (18 x 24) a/c Isis at Thebes (diptych, 48 x 30) a/c Navajo (diptych, 20 x 32) a/c Provence (24 x 36) a/c Toccata and Fugue (22 x 28)a/c Lynn Miller VISUAL ARTIST AND WRITER As a painter, I explore in a