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A Little Night Music (18 x 24) a/c
At Last, Spring! (24 x 36) a/c
Coral Reef (36 x 48) a/c
Cyclops (12 x 12) a/c
Fascinatin’ Rhythm (24 x 20) a/c
Firebird (18 x 24) a/c
Isis at Thebes (diptych, 48 x 30) a/c
Navajo (diptych, 20 x 32) a/c
Provence (24 x 36) a/c
Toccata and Fugue (22 x 28)a/c

Lynn Miller


As a painter, I explore in a vivid and painterly way what I imagine may underlie our experience of complex phenomena. I strive to make visible our ideas and sensations, seeking the dazzling visual moment to reveal shared aspects of human experience.

As a writer, whether of fiction or non-fiction, realism is my fundamental principle. My art-making persona insists upon abstraction perhaps because of its appeal as realism’s opposite. My attraction to these two forms of expression seem to be the essential halves of what makes me whole.

I have recently published a memoir: Postcards from Delphi. My co-authored study of 400 years of French influence on the Philadelphia region, co-authored with Therese Dolan, will be available late in 2020: Salut! France Meets Philadelphia (Temple University Press, 2021).