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Christi Hetrick

Fine Artist

Creating art brings me such joy, especially when I paint outdoors. In that moment, it’s just me; God’s beautiful creation; and my paintbrush ready to capture whatever catches my eye. One of the best aspects about being an artist is how it changes the way I view nature, people, and even ordinary objects. Things like hay bales glowing in the afternoon sun, water lilies in my pond, an old thrift store teapot, an old rusty bucket, and I can’t forget, my dog, Elliott. All these become inspiration for a potential painting or drawing in my eyes. 

I also enjoy drawing graphite caricatures of people, in which I include many aspects of the person’s life and personality. My artwork is not defined by a specific subject matter or medium. I enjoy trying new things, like my newest interest, wax crayons. However, I mainly work in oils, graphite, charcoal, pastels, or pen and ink. 

I grew up in Bucks County, PA with a mom who is also an artist; we even went to the same college, Tyler School of Art! It has been a tremendous blessing to have a mom that shares the same love of art. We critique each other’s work, go on plein air painting adventures, enjoy art museums, and best of all we have mother-daughter art shows together! My career has been in graphic design, but now that my four kids are grown, I have more time to focus on my art. Art makes my life richer and helps me more deeply appreciate the creativity of God, who created me, and our world!