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March 2022

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Clifford Eberly Artist Surroundings and the metaphysical inspire my abstract collages, still life paintings, and woven assemblage sculptures. Performing meditation brings an element of daily consistency that is evident in the repetitive collage and painting processes on panels, canvas and paper assembled to form layered spaces of contemplation. I seek to transform the quotidian into color, line, shape, and form. Website EMAIL ME

Writings GraceKeyser_death-dream-1Death Dreams GraceKeyser_foreign-1Foreign GraceKeyser_march-winds-1march winds GraceKeyser_end-of-all-things-1End of All Things GraceKeyser_Illusion-1Illusion Grace Keyser Literary / Visual Artist I am a fine artist that has been making art for as long as I can remember.  I do not limit myself to one style, medium or concept, but keep myself open to respond to what inspires me. I was formally educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, which provided me with the ability

Terry Page Fine Artist I like to hike in the woods and in the mountains. When hiking in new and foreign places, even with a map, there is always the chance of getting lost. There is the confusion of trying to figure out where I had gone wrong, and how to get back on the right trail again. Painting is much like that. Each new canvas

David C. Page Fine Artist First and foremost, I am a story teller!  I always have been and I always will be! When I take a hike I see stories in the mountains and in the people I pass.  If I’m motorcycling across the country, I find stories in all-night diners and local bars.  When I sit on the floor, playing with my grandchildren, I