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David C. Page

Fine Artist

First and foremost, I am a story teller!  I always have been and I always will be! When I take a hike I see stories in the mountains and in the people I pass.  If I’m motorcycling across the country, I find stories in all-night diners and local bars.  When I sit on the floor, playing with my grandchildren, I see stories in the games we play and laughter we share. It is how I perceive life, so when I paint, I paint the story that a particular scene has brought to my attention. 

If I paint an old and weathered barn, I am imagining the hard work that it took to build it.  I see the farmer collecting chicken eggs from random nests in the loft and I hear his wife, calling from the house to let him know a storm is coming.

Even if there is no living thing overtly prominent in my work, you can be sure they are there, or could be.  It’s up to you! 

I paint the backdrop for you to explore!  It’s there for you to fill the empty ice covered pond with children on their skates.

My work encourages the viewer to become a participant in the event.

Let my work provide an opportunity for your own creativity.

Welcome to my world!