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Grace Keyser

Literary / Visual Artist

I am a fine artist that has been making art for as long as I can remember.  I do not limit myself to one style, medium or concept, but keep myself open to respond to what inspires me. I was formally educated at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, which provided me with the ability to expand my creativity as “myself”.  My work has undergone many changes, evolving over the years. Currently, I divide my time between both literary and visual works as dictated by inspiration.

I believe art is often more than a representation of an image.  Each creation carries an innate part of the creator.  My art has always revealed a reflection of my inner self.  As life changes, so do ideas, inspirations and processes. When beginning anything creative, I let inspiration find me. That connection brings forth a journey.  That journey, that process, gives me purpose.  It is why I am an artist.  I use the reality of the physical world to depict the unseen qualities that exist, both intimately and universally.  My style, methods, and subjects may change but my driving principals have remained the same throughout my artistic career.