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February 2021

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Mindy Trost : CartaBooks Bookbinder Whether making books, reading books, writing in books or drawing in books, I've always loved books. I discovered bookbinding while attending The University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I like the creative side--choosing colors and patterns, feeling the textures of the papers and fabric--and the structural side--the measuring, sewing, and trimming. Bookbinding pleases both sides of my brain equally all at

Ceramics and Fine Art by Julia Castor Thank you for your interest in my work! I am an artist who splits her time equally between the world of visual arts, and the world of fine craft. I find that, as both a painter and a potter, my focused energy spent on each art form creates a unique conversation between the two in my work.

Videos Peter Chiovarou Director, Zlock Performing Arts Center Peter Chiovarou is Director of the Zlock Performing Arts Center and Community Programming & College Events at Bucks County Community College, is a member of its Alumni Association, and previously served as President on the Board of the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County. With a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Temple University’s Esther Boyer School