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Peter Chiovarou

Director, Zlock Performing Arts Center

Peter Chiovarou is Director of the Zlock Performing Arts Center and Community Programming & College Events at Bucks County Community College, is a member of its Alumni Association, and previously served as President on the Board of the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County. With a Bachelor of Performing Arts degree from Temple University’s Esther Boyer School of Music, Pete is at heart a jazz musician. His mastery of his own instrument launched a fifteen-year career as a electric bass product specialist for the US market and as an east coast artists relations rep in the instrument manufacturing industry, working for such companies as Ibanez Guitars & Basses (Hoshino USA), Aguilar Amplification, and Nordstrand Pickups, before bringing his extensive experience in performance, teaching, management and marketing expertise to the Zlock Performing Arts Center and Bucks County Community College. Outside of work, Pete’s records and performs locally with fellow musicians and friends and is always enjoying the outdoors and historic beauty of Bucks County.