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December 2023

  -  2023

George Gehring III Photographer For a number of years, I’ve had a mild curiosity with country living—that comes from a city guy who’s spent three decades in big metropolises. But over the last year or so that slight interest has blossomed: I started getting more and more excited about getting lost on the back roads of Pennsylvania, intentionally unplugging my GPS, exploring the picturesque landscapes

Shary Koenig Fine Artist I am an artist. I was born an artist. I move through my days as an artist. It is my gift. It is what I am naturally no matter what my education, or experience growing up in my family, or the chapters and episodes of my adult life. It is all I am. My paintings nags have their source from my

Jo Cooney Contemporary Abstract Art The process of adding depth and dimension to my work is what truly captivates me. By exploring the use of a variety of mediums, I am able to create an array of effects. I often find myself mixing and layering acrylics, inks, and gold leaf to create a sense of movement, mystique, and curiosity. My work has been described as

Louise Levy Photographer slant of light The alchemy of light seduces, entices, and plays tricks. Light is the director highlighting objects, angles, and patterns. Light is the chemistry that transforms image. It is the essence of photography. Photography surprises me. Through the lens I see the moss on the tree and the hummingbird moth in the garden. I can capture the sun’s fire burning through the woods

Catherine Gleicher Watercolors Since childhood, painting (first with acrylics, then oils and most recently, watercolors) has always been tremendously rewarding for me.Still Life painting, in particular, has a special place in my heart. It is a wonderful vehicle in which to work with light & shadow, simplicity of form, and to appreciate how “alive” even the most inanimate of objects can be.Many of my paintings

Michael Ast Photographer Michael Ast (b. 1973) resides in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  He has worked professionally as both a photojournalist and commercial photographer since the late 1990’s.  He focuses primarily on personal photo-based work now,  employing his sense of photographic narrative, utilizing a mixture of self-expression and photo documentation. Viewers can see such approach in his published photobooks, zines, printmaking and photographic series. In his photographs,

Jennifer Finch Fine Artist Jennifer Finch is a second-generation artist, with a diversely artistic background.   Her mother, Ellen Hall is a painter living in Bucks County, PA and founder of the Ivyland Art Group.  Her father, Richard Finch is a renowned wildlife bird carver and sculptor is now residing in Coryell, TX.  Although she was surrounded by the Fine Arts, she pursued a dancing career

Andrew Conti Painter • Sculptor Andrew Conti is a painter and sculptor obsessed with the possibilities of color and abstract painting. A longtime resident of Japan and student of Japanese art history, his work finds form between the imagery and philosophies of Japanese art and contemporary abstraction. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, he has shown his work throughout the United states and Japan

Adrienne Bodisch Artist I live for the moment when the art is finished -when that one last highlight makes the art look like the thing. As a kid, drawing along with Mark Kistler, I loved adding the curved action lines that turned a shark into a shark on a mission. As a teenager, I loved remembering to leave a tiny bit of paper white to

Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance Arts Service & Advocacy Organization  We believe Greater Philadelphia is defined by its arts and culture sector. Our cultural organizations, artists and proud history of creative expression are a crucial part of our identity, vitality and economic growth. Since 1972, the Cultural Alliance has been dedicated to elevating the vibrancy of arts and culture in the region through advocacy, audience engagement,