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Adrienne Bodisch


I live for the moment when the art is finished -when that one last highlight makes the art look like the thing. As a kid, drawing along with Mark Kistler, I loved adding the curved action lines that turned a shark into a shark on a mission. As a teenager, I loved remembering to leave a tiny bit of paper white to make an eye seem wet and alive. Now, I kind of love the tedious inclusion of every fold, bend, curve, or shadow that makes me say, “Ah, there it is.”

There is no theme to my work except that I like to paint things that I like to look at. I like an unexpected angle or subject. I like when the photographer’s reflection makes the picture an accidental self-portrait. I like when an image contains a little humor. I like abstraction, but only when someone else is doing it. I decidedly don’t like writing about art, but understand that it is necessary.