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Andrew Conti

Painter • Sculptor

Andrew Conti is a painter and sculptor obsessed with the possibilities of color and abstract painting. A longtime resident of Japan and student of Japanese art history, his work finds form between the imagery and philosophies of Japanese art and contemporary abstraction. The recipient of numerous awards and honors, he has shown his work throughout the United states and Japan and is included in numerous private collections.

Andrew’s paintings are flattened abstract monuments  – mountains, mounds, stelae, beasts and creatures. They are meditations on art history, color, mythology, and the possibilities and impossibilities of life. Each is a mysterious object meant to reveal itself gradually and offer viewers moments of contemplative slowness. 

In each, He blends inspiration from color field painting, the decorative flatness of Rimpa, and the graphic calligraphy of comic books. These form the basis for his own visual language of color, energy, shape and line.

His process involves the building of layers through varied techniques of staining, sweeping gesture, obsessive calligraphy, and the controlled chaos formed by the Japanese wet-on-wet technique known as tarashikomi.

In equal parts meditative slowness and exuberant action Andrew creates graphic icons of the mind and spirit.