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September 2020
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Mandy Martin Painter I spent my early childhood in the open spaces of the Illinois prairie, and when my parents relocated to Bucks County, I was amazed by the rolling hills and dense woodlands of my new home. The wildflowers and rich landscape of the region still inspire me and inform my paintings. I am also a beach lover and often escape in the winter to

Laura Brady Acrylic Artist ARTIST STATEMENT:I see the world in dynamic, vivid color, where sound is transformed into shape and emotion is released in the movement of a paint brush. Through my exploration of nature, I seek to host a new perspective. Approaching each piece with a mix of impressionism & realism, which carries a boldness yet softness, a parallel understanding that

Gun-Marie Nalsen Fiber Artist My primary areas of interest are: work with colors in my studio, be with the family, chase art around town. About Me: I was born in Sweden and grew up in Venezuela. I learned to weave in Sweden in the early 80's, and went back to Venezuela and taught weaving and tapestry to children. I also taught in an Art School in