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Floral painting by artist Mandy Martin

Mandy Martin


I spent my early childhood in the open spaces of the Illinois prairie, and when my parents relocated to Bucks County, I was amazed by the rolling hills and dense woodlands of my new home.

The wildflowers and rich landscape of the region still inspire me and inform my paintings. I am also a beach lover and often escape in the winter to lush Caribbean destinations which also inform my color palettes.

I am self-taught and practice intuitive painting. I often allow the organic movement of dripping acrylic paint on the canvas to inform my compositions. It is my hope that my work will inspire viewers to look more carefully at the world around them, to discover beauty in unexpected places, and to take care of the earth.

My striking acrylic paintings on canvas are available online as well as at select shows and exhibitions in the mid-Atlantic United States, where many of my collectors reside.