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Mona Madl

Fine Artist

Mona Madl, was born 1996 in a little Town in Salzburg, Austria. Growing up in a Country which is very influenced by Art and History, Mona soon began to get inspired by different styles of Art. As a daughter of a pastry chef, the creativeness was included in everyday life e.g. in sugarart or Cocoa-Art.

Traditional Art with Charcoal and pencil, mixed with new mediums as of acrylics and alcohol ink is the basis of the projects where she creates surreal mixed media works.

Common to all her works are portraits and large contrasts between light and dark. Themes of mental health, personal identity and her faith are presented in her Art. 

In her work, different impulses of the inner-self are represented with body, spirit and mind. While working, all of the senses connect and become one.
Mona is currently living and working in Pennsylvania, USA.