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April 2020
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Works Know this Elegy for summer's passing Robbin Farr Poet, Writer & Bookbinder Former high school literature teacher, creative writing instructor, Robbin Farr is now a founder and co-editor of River Heron Review, an online poetry journal. Writer, poet, photographer of blighted buildings, and sometimes bookbinder, Robbin lives in Doylestown, PA where she is actively involved in a community of poets and is on the Board of the Arts

Donna D. Lovely FINE ART & FREELANCE PHOTOGRAPHER Donna D. Lovely is a fine art and freelance photographer with an eye of a painter. Her camera captures images with a personal twist. She transforms traditional photographs through her unique point of view and turns them into thoughtful, emotional and sometimes surreal works of art. Donna fell in love with photography at her alma mater, Tufts University,

Jane Ramsey FINE ART WATERCOLOR & DRAWINGS Growing up in the little village of Lumberville along the Delaware Canal, my earliest memories are of art and artists. My early “jobs” were babysitting artists’ children while they worked in their studios. Neighbors were working artists whose studios were always open for visiting, watching and learning. The Bucks County landscape has always been a constant source of inspiration