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Rodney Miller


As a Fine Art Photographer/Digital Abstract Artist my interest is not what the camera sees but rather what I what to see through the lens. The camera and the computer are tools I use to create my images. I approach a landscape, a nature shot, an architectural shot thinking how to see and show this differently. My abstract images stem from my interest in Fractal Art and seeing the abstract of things in the world around me.

My subject matter and style vary as does the software I use when editing and manipulating my photographs. My compositions range from realistic to highly abstract. I often blend digitally altered with realistic imagery. I aim to raise the unconscious and stir the viewers emotions. Fractal art has influenced my photography. The lines, shapes, and repeated patterns in the fractal art are things I look for when photographing. When working my motto is, “I don’t take pictures, I create images”.

My photographic career started in the US Air Force and not at 10 tears old when mom gave me a Hawkeye Brownie camera. In the military I was a Precision Photographic Processing Technician. My job was to process film from the Reconnaissance Planes and the print the photos. Following my military service I attended The Community College of Philadelphia and Tyler, Temple School of Art receiving my degrees in Art as a Photography major.