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Robert Hansen

Abstract Artist

After 35 years in two left- brain careers, I began intuitive abstract painting in 2005.  My art is about the medium itself, experimenting with the many ways to apply acrylic paint—brushing, pouring, drawing, dripping, texturizing and layering.  I do not plan a painting before I begin; my work starts with a color pallet and evolves.  Accident is important in the process though I continually make decisions about what is working and deserves to be kept. My paintings come largely from my imagination although travels in the American southwest, Hawaii and abroad—India, Turkey, Iceland, Mexico — have provided inspiration for many works.
Since 2010 my paintings have been selected for many juried and invitational shows in the Philadelphia area: Phillips Mill in New Hope, PA, six times, Philly Sketch Club (5 shows 2010-2019) and Art Jam, Princeton, NJ,  2017-2020. I was selected to do two solo shows in 2015 and 2017. I enjoy volunteering as a painting instructor at Homefront’s ArtSpace in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.