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James A Hamilton III


I was born in 1931 and raised in Buffalo, New York. I attended the Art Institute of Buffalo for one semester in 1949 before enlisting in the Army. I served in Korea and then attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts between 1952 and 1960. Throughout the sixties and early seventies I worked in commercial art. In 1978 I earned a Juris Doctor from Temple University and went on to practice law for 37 years. In 2001, at the urging of my wife (also my law partner) I started making woodcuts and paintings again.

Since then my work has gone through several stages, from Bucks County Impressionism to geometric abstraction, my current style. The paintings and prints here show that progression.

My work has never been purely representational. I have always tried to show my reaction to the world I see around me, whether visual, emotional or spiritual. My approach to art is influenced by 20th century painters such as Picasso, DeKooning, Diebenkorn, Bacon, and Motherwell, and is more like a musical composition where line and color, like melody and harmony, evoke a reaction in the viewer, not a picture of an object. I hope my art speaks for itself.