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June 2022

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Angela Pannone Fine Artist I am a Bucks County watercolor artist but on occasion I also work in pastel, acrylic, ink, and gouache. My journey with art has been present from the very earliest years of my life.  It is an unexplained call and also a gift of serenity and healing. My desire is that my art entertains in its own way, heals whoever sees

Constance McBride Ceramic Sculpture - Installations - Mixed Media My work throws light on issues experienced by most women—from becoming aware of the male gaze and self-objectifying, to harassment, abuse, marginalization and ageism. Simultaneously, women struggle to remain relevant, take care of their physical and mental health, and maintain financial stability. My uncompromising figures are informed by these matters. I create deliberate parallels between my materials and

Bonnie MacAllister Fiber Artist The muscle memory of sewing is guided by recollections, stringing the grit and tooth of obstacles, the furrows of seams and seeming, of life stories fought out, patched out before paint would dry, better rather knit, pounded out in coarse intermingling of fibers, torn out and restitched, a forgiving medium where every loop can be redone and undone, tacked and basted

Michael Kuyper Artist Michael received formal training in Fine Art, Advertising, and Illustration at Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated from Hussian with an Advertising/Fine Arts degree in 1990 and set up a studio in his parents home to pursue his dream of becoming a professional artist. He first found inspiration in sports. Creating oil paintings of classic ballparks; Connie Mack Stadium, The