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Lynn M. Holl

Watercolorist and Food Blogger

An artist all of my life, and graphic designer spanning a nearly 40-year career, watercolor became an obsession shortly before I retired in August 2017. With a need to fulfill this passion, I joined Artists of Yardley and took my first classes—with results that were less than satisfactory, to say the least. Undeterred, I immersed myself in more classes, online tutorials and workshops, and entered art exhibits until I felt more at ease with the medium.

Flora/fauna, people, boats, and food tend to be some of my favorite subject matter, although nothing is off limits. Creating texture of all sorts such as metal, glass, fur, feathers, tree bark, lace, etc., is an important goal in my progress.

In my most successful works, I gravitated toward bright color palettes in a semi-realistic manner, perhaps with a touch of whimsy. Pushing myself to leave my “comfort zone” is crucial, so I have been experimenting with metallic inks, and painting with gouache on black paper with some satisfactory results. The paints are not as fluid as the transparent ones, but experimentation and a desire for continuous creative education is non-negotiable. After all, forward movement in art, as well as in life, involves the unpredictable.