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Emily Chang

Finger Knitting


Ink on cardboard, mounted on drywall, handmade frame, and alpaca twine


  • 12 x 12 inches, framed to 12.75.x 12.75 inches – $399

Astrologically speaking, Henry Mercer (June 24, 1856 – March 9, 1930) was born under a Water sign, having a fluid nature, which perhaps spurred him to find a vessel for his life; water cannot penetrate tile. An Air person, I am a teacher, artist, musician, writer, astrologer and esoteric healer, and I have the ability in life to be of service to others. With my own human search for understanding and balance; a Renaissance type with the utilitarian need for expression; creating things of functionality; this much I share with Henry Mercer, and perhaps the need to work with my hands. Students and I learned finger-knitting around the time I created this piece, and so adding the alpaca twine to its final form dates the project. However, this piece was created in a palmistry study (Winter, 2022), during a cyclically more prolific time of year for me.

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