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Elissa Goldberg

Soft realism with pastels

Elissa Goldberg started drawing with pastels approximately 20 years ago. She is now a member of the Pastel Society of America. Some of her pieces have been inspired by her many travels and wondrous explorations through her native Bucks County, while others come from her vivid imagination. Spending countless hours refining her technique and compositions, she hopes the viewer will share her appreciation of the combination of light, movement and color that makes each piece so alive. Her artwork can be found in many galleries throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Elissa divides her time between working as a family law attorney, raising three girls and painting lush landscapes and water sites. Working with pastels is a means of escape as it provides a counterbalance to the type of legal work that is inherently stressful.

Her passion for art has come from her family roots. Her grandmother and her aunt, both accomplished artists in their own right, were her first art teachers.

Elissa’s artwork can also be found on her Instagram account at @fineartbyelissa.