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Denise Marshall



Photographic Weaving


  • 21 x 17 inches, matted – $900

My journey into photographic weaving began in November 2020 while I was taking an abstract photography class. In my critique notebook the one theme that kept coming up was how my work was very linear. Studying my printed images, I saw them from different perspectives. I took out a pair of scissors and while it took me an extraordinary amount of time, I ended up cutting one of the images into vertical strips. As I looked at my “deconstructed” photograph I took another image and cut it into horizontal strips. I proceeded to weave the images together.

I print on fine art giclée, high gloss, matte and metallic papers. All the different papers help to create innovative effects with the weave. Blue is a photographic weaving created from two of the same photographs I took of reflections of commercial fishing boats in Viking Village.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly.

To see the artwork in person, stop into Freeman Hall during gallery hours.