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Creative Wood Designs by DAMI

Furnishings Designed to Fit Your Needs –Beautifully

Dave and Mindy Spray started building and finishing furniture shortly after they were married 46 years ago.  While their craft was originally an inexpensive way to furnish their house, they soon realized they enjoyed creating furniture that was not only functional but expressive.

Dave is a master at taking raw wood from an idea to a reality. A native of Ohio, Dave learned basic wood construction from his grandfather and uncle. During his career as an Air Force officer, he set up a home-based wood working shop and became an avid hobbyist.  Over the years, Dave has experimented with the design techniques for both built-in and free-standing furniture.  His work has evolved through several styles as he discovered new ways to express himself through furniture making.

A native of Missouri, Mindy was fascinated by the tools used when her parents built a home.  Once she and Dave were married, the tools in their home-based workshop rekindled Mindy’s interest especially when Dave was more than happy to teach her how to use them.

Both Dave & Mindy are juried members of the Bucks County Guild of Craftsmen and members
of the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen.