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Christina Galagarza

Philadelphia Flower Show


Acrylic and oil paint finished with plexiglass and earrings


  • 4 x 4, framed to 4 x 4 inches

I am a fine artist who loves observing nature and behaviors of people. With these small works I am observing and learning about mutual aid efforts in Philadelphia, a place I called home for 9 years. In action, I am preserving the legacy of advocacy work of a small, larger than life, queer flower purveyor based out of West Philly. In the beginning of 2020, we both decided we’d dedicate our time and hustle to flowers, without knowing one another. Kristin Horst of Flower Shop!!! was supplying flowers and I was just a bystander seeing how a small business could also give back to their community in need with something I know most people love: flowers.

@flower_shop_phl has an eye for color and what looks like a seamless approach to casual gifting. I know what goes into the grind that is a flower business and after observing Kristin during peak holidays and personal triumphs, they have always put the wellbeing of their community first with their outstanding arrangements. They are on the front lines of social inequity every single week with flowers. There’s an intensity to their business ethic and social commitment that I respect deeply, and I am commemorating that with these paintings.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly; a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County.