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Cheryl Hart

The Masters Touch




  • 36 x 36 inches, gallery wrapped canvas – $1,200

According to the American Indian a broken pot has value because “the pot remembers the hands that made it”. This was the inspiration for the painting “The Masters Touch”, about a poorly repaired broken black ware piece of pottery purchased at a Goodwill. The maker of the pot is the legendary Pueblo potter named Marie Martinez. Cheryl imagined the broken pot at its creation, being formed by the hands of Marie. The image for the painting was captured from video footage of Marie masterfully forming one of her vessels, but the shape was replaced with the form of the Goodwill purchased pot. Cheryl used imagined colors with both opaque and transparent acrylic glazes to create her interpretation of the event. The focus is on Marie’s hand as she skillfully forms a perfectly shaped vessel without the aid of a wheel. Cheryl’s painting is a depiction of the poorly repaired broken pot from Goodwill remembering the hands that made it.

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To see the artwork in person, stop into Freeman Hall during gallery hours.