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Carol Gilbert

Fine Artist

Art has always been a part of who I am, influencing many areas of my life. A Tyler School of Art graduate, I enjoyed working as a graphic designer/illustrator in advertising for many years. Now retired, I am enjoying the creativity of drawing, painting and teaching art.

As a resident of Bucks County, I am truly inspired by God’s amazing creation in the beauty that surrounds me, in the gorgeous skies, farms, meadows, and streams. Capturing the light, shadows, and vibrant colors of the landscape at various times of day is most important to me, and provides inspiration and challenges as I attempt to capture this beauty on canvas. As a member of Peace Valley Plein Air Painters of Bucks County, I am delighted to experience the joy of painting outdoors alongside fellow artists. I am also a member of the Doylestown Art League and the New Hope Art League, and as an award-winning artist, my work has been exhibited in local galleries, shows, and private collections.

In addition to painting landscapes, Portraiture also fascinates me in presenting the challenges of capturing a personality, expression, and even the likeness of a model, while using oils, pastels, and charcoal. I especially enjoy figurative work when the scene tells a story, such as children playing their musical instruments, young boys fishing, and ballerinas at a dress rehearsal. Working from life is truly ideal, which in turn, enhances working from a photo in my studio. I am also inspired by painting still life and how light plays upon objects, creating a myriad of reflections, shapes, and colors.

Recently, I have been teaching art classes in my studio which has been so rewarding! Such a joy to see others enjoy learning and creating art!

There is an added blessing to all of this, my daughter, artist Christi Hetrick (also a Tyler School of Art graduate) and I share our love of art by painting together, attending workshops, and having “Mother/Daughter” art shows together!