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Bonnie Vandenberg

Fine Artist

I have always been involved in creating some form of art, using my hands to express love and emotions.  I began painting about 25 years ago, taking occasional art classes. Painting was a calming and meditative way to relieve the pressures of having a full-time job and raising a family.  Six years ago, when I retired, painting became my full-time passion.  I immersed myself in art classes and joined local art organizations.  My desire to improve my skills is never-ending. I have to thank artists Marla Baggetta and Louise Fletcher who have both had a tremendous impact on my art. Louise has influenced my latest work which leans towards abstract. Several of my paintings have won honors at juried art shows and many of my paintings have sold.
     I paint in various media, but my current loves are pastels and acrylics.  Although my subjects and styles vary, nature plays a leading role in my art.  Grass, trees, flowers, skies and oceans all evoke strong emotional feelings in me, and I pour those feelings into my paintings.  I am excited and inspired by life and the beauty in it!