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Barbara Zietchick


The best way I can describe myself is to emphasize my love of observing every scene I come across.  I love colors, shapes, patterns, and textures.

As a printmaker, I am excited by the matrix I am using, either a copper or zinc plate, a wooden block, a piece of linoleum, a textured collage (collagraph) or a silk screen.  Inks, brushes, etching tools, carving tools and wonderful papers all inspire me.

During my career, I have taught art to elementary school children and have held several workshops about printmaking techniques. I love outdoor shows where I can discuss my prints with other people. I have displayed my prints at many juried shows in the Bucks County Area. They are in the collations of art-lovers all over the world. The themes of my prints vary from animals to flowers and people.  My approach is to express the joy in the object and to celebrate its shape, pattern, and environment.  Please enjoy looking at the details in the prints: texture and color and share the joys of printmaking with me.