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Susan Klinger

Sassafras Sunset


Soft Pastel


  • 9 x 6, framed to 10.5 x 7.5 inches
    Weathered wood, pale yellow wash on front, gray sides

The first time I worked in pastel, I was intrigued by the direct application of pigment to the surface. Realism has always been my primary focus, yet pastel allows me to be expressive and bold in my use of color. I enjoy the challenge of manipulating color and value to create the illusion of reality on the two-dimensional surface. I enjoy painting many different subjects, with a special interest in reflections, whether on glass or water. Light, whether its creation of beautiful skies, or how it touches an object to define its form, or the unexpected shadow pattern it creates is also a favorite subject.

“Sassafras Sunset” was inspired by the years I spent boating with my late husband. We would anchor in the Sassafras River off the Chesapeake Bay to wait for Mother Nature to put on her show at the end of each day.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly; a portion of the proceeds will benefit the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County.