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Sandy Askey-Adams

Awakening of Spring at Peace Valley Park


Soft pastel


  • 8 x 10 inches, unframed – $395
  • Framed to 13.5 x 15.5 inches – $435

“For me it is all about the serenity of nature. The landscape, the ocean and sands of the beach, the blades of grass, the rippling water, the serene greens of summer, the sweet blossoms of spring and even the blue and purplish grays of winter. There is no question of what inspires me. I can turn to tears when I witness the beauty and soul of nature. I feel close to our Creator. He made all this for us. I love to take walks with nature, and I always will invite you the viewer on those walks through my paintings. Please join me.

This painting depicts the awakening of spring. It is the beginning of the sunsetting across the water and the land. With that awakening comes beauty, joy, serenity and a feeling of calm offering new beginnings. The path invites you to come along with me, to take a walk into springs time of renewal. To enjoy the scents of blooming flowers and that overall scent of nature in the woods at Peace Valley Park.

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