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Francisco Silva

Transcendental Tree


Oil on canvas


  • 20 x 16 inches, framed to 24.5 x 21 inches – $950

My painting is inspired by my surroundings and the daily interactions I experience within them. I use color to express and evoke emotion preferring to mix all colors, including black, from a limited palette. The process is analytical at first, striving to create a balanced composition as a foundation for the work. When painting starts, I apply loose strokes to convey movement and energy. As the painting evolves, I refine only certain areas for emphasis and to create contrast.

Through my work, I try to connect with the viewer by sharing my personal moments in life. As their eyes move through the painting, I want them to ask questions about the subject matter, the location and my interpretation of that instance. I want them to react to the canvases whether they’re large and panoramic scenes or smaller ones that are more personal and intimate.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly.

To see the artwork in person, stop into Freeman Hall during gallery hours.