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Donna Dvorak

Fonthill Twilight


Acrylic on Canvas


  • 11 x 14 inches, framed to 11 x 14 inches, 2 inch wide frame, white – $175

I have resided in Bucks County for more than 42 years as a journalist, author and artist. Living in this tranquil area is to experience a creative world via words or paint or any medium. The historical value also intrigues and stimulates the mind which focuses on creativity. Among the beauty of bucolic castles, all due to Henry Mercer’s incredible mind, are many chances to explain or try to perceive his conceptions of a former and future life. I have tried to capture somewhat of a portion of Font Hill to give the public, who aren’t familiar with it, an idea of the astonishing wonders that bring everyone to visit or to live in this intrigue Bucks County.

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To see the artwork in person, stop into Freeman Hall during gallery hours.