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Christine Ochab- DiCostanzo

Chimney Hill Inn, Lambertville


Oil on Board


  • 16 x 20 inches, framed to 21 x 25 inches, decorative frame – $695

The owner, at the time in which I had done this painting, was a dear friend of one of my dearest friends. The building holds old fashioned charm, and many memories of weddings and celebrations throughout its years as a Bed and Breakfast. This painting hung in the main entrance parlor for the time before the owner had needed to sell it. I recently heard that he had passed away only a month ago and thought, to honor the gentleman, I will submit this painting. So, everyone can admire his beautiful Inn as I had. It is in Lambertville, NJ. (Also home to 3 friendly alpacas who lived in the back.) It is a Plein air painting with final touches done in studio.

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