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Carol Lloyd

Working into the Night




  • 12 x 19 inches, framed to 13 x 19 inches – $95

Last fall on a dark and dreary day, I was moved by the dim lighting coming from inside the tile factory. I imagined the men working into the night back during Mercer’s lifetime, Initially, my purpose was to go to the castle, and tile works to take photographs with the lighting of the gloomy day provided.

I am in awe of the architecture of Mercer’s buildings. Each is stunningly beautiful and eerie at the same time. I am in awe of the intricacy, thought and work put into every part. Truly phenomenal works of art in their own right. I reflect on the man Henry Mercer must have been, who, not only designed these incredible; places, but in achieving completion successfully.

The two trees in front of the tile factory seem to represent how everything flowed together., a time when people and nature worked together respectfully.

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