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Bob Hakun

Slave to Time




  • 24- x 36-inch wall-hanging Bas relief – $1,200

Bob Hakun: Industrial Primitive Assemblages

I collect old, discarded items: some are natural like bones or wood, and are some man made, like wheels or gears. I look for old things that show the graphic effects of aging: the beauty and harshness of the breaking down over time of all things. I like things that are burned, broken, rusty, crushed, bent, and have acquired an aged, weathered patina. These items have an implied history and narrative. The juxtaposition of these seemingly unrelated objects in the final assemblage artwork may seem to tell a story or convey a message, but the interpretation of that message is up to the viewer. Hopefully the viewer will create his own story based on these assembled objects. I want the art to have a strong emotional presence, but aesthetics are secondary to the context.

To purchase artwork, contact the artist directly.

To see the artwork in person, stop into Freeman Hall during gallery hours.