Members of the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County are artists and patrons, individuals and organizations, professionals and hobbyists, businesses and supporters. They are passionate and committed to the arts, excited about art making and creative engagement, and they enjoy sharing their talents with the community. They value the artistic traditions and heritage of the Bucks County region, and they work to preserve and protect the arts through art making, arts engagement, and community involvement. They believe that art is integral to healthy communities, and through their engagement in the Council, work to that end. They also like to have fun.

Through its active membership, the Arts & Cultural Council of Bucks County promotes collaboration, communication, and advocacy on behalf of arts and culture throughout the region. The ACCBC keeps artists engaged in educational experiences, provides venues for meaningful arts dialogue, strengthens community arts awareness, and maintains ongoing involvement in advocacy initiatives through exhibition opportunities, events, performances, workshops, and forums. The Council works with businesses, cultural organizations, and area artists to further promote the arts and, in turn, enrich and inspire the entire community.

Images are copyrighted by member artists. If you are interested in using an image, please contact the artist directly for permission.

Profile ImageFirst NameLast NameContactMember SinceMember Page
Profile ImageFirst NameLast NameContactMember SinceMember Page
Robyn GrahamPhotography, LLCRobyn GrahamJune 29, 2017Visit Member Page
RodneyMillerRodney MillerMarch 17, 2013Visit Member Page
RonaldDorfmanRonald DorfmanDecember 22, 2008Visit Member Page
RoseStrippoliRose Marie StrippoliMarch 9, 2010Visit Member Page
RosemaryKozakRosemary KozakJune 12, 2012Visit Member Page
RossMitchellRoss MitchellMay 23, 2013Visit Member Page
RoyReinardroy reinardSeptember 21, 2015Visit Member Page
Ruth AndersonRuth AndersonFebruary 13, 2017Visit Member Page
RuthTaylorRuth TaylorApril 18, 2009Visit Member Page
RuthAndersonRuth AndersonMay 22, 2018Visit Member Page

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