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Beyond the Horizon–oil on canvas, 36 x 24 x 1.5 inches, painted edges

Wendy J Stoudt


It made sense to combine my love of drawing and working with children into a degree in art education from Temple University. After graduating I enjoyed teaching in public and private schools including one on the Navajo Reservation. Additionally, I found areas to share my love for art in community art programs, camps and homeschool groups. In 2012 I was challenged to use the gifts that God gave me, and I began painting more and decided to open an Etsy shop to share my work with others. I was encouraged to paint more when my work sold.

About this time, I took more classes at the Baum School of Art and relearned the properties and potentials of oil paint under Dana Van Horn and Adriano Farinella. After relocating to the city and losing my art room, my husband and I decided to open gallery840 as a working studio for me and a place to encourage other artists and collectors in the Lehigh Valley. I’m glad to have a happy place to paint again.

Artist Statement

What makes something worthy to be painted? For each artist it is a different thing that attracts their attention and calls to them. For me it is color combinations, dramatic lighting or peaceful atmospheres. Like the Impressionists, I attempt to capture the play of light and color that first caught my eye. I find these potential paintings in observing God’s creation as well as those places and things that I walk past every day. I have an album full of ideas but for now I am painting those places and objects that bring joy and a feeling of rest. My hope is that you will take time to be still and discover the beauty of the moments around you.