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Acrylic landscape painting of a sunlit tree and next to a lake with a cardinal poised on a branch.

Timothy Stanford

Fine Artist,
Perceiving Light

“Art does not exist without an artist.  An intelligent mind uses specific means to bring an idea to life on canvas, paper, or a piece of wood.  In light of that fact, I believe that everything in the natural world was created by an intelligent and artistic Designer and I seek to showcase the wisdom and beauty of that Great Artist’s creation in two ways; first in the act of creating art and second in the art itself.”

Timothy Stanford is an award-winning artist in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  He was born and raised in west-central Louisiana and is the fourth of five children. With the support and aid of his family he entered Northwestern State University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine and Graphic Arts with a concentration in Studio Art.

After graduation, Timothy began working for local paper and lumber mills as a pulpwood weigh master.  His desire to be self-employed and his love for painting led him to pay off all his debt and set out as a local portrait artist.  In mid-2018 he met his wife, Sara, who after seeing his work, encouraged him to move north and begin a new chapter in his life as a landscape painter. 

Timothy currently lives in Langhorne, PA. Aside from painting he enjoys afternoon walks, occasionally playing video games, having coffee with friends, viewing local art, and watching various artists on YouTube create their own works of art.